Candidum-Hybriden, Division III

Hybriden mit Genen von Lilium candidum sind nur sehr wenige vorhanden.

Abstammung:L.candidum x L.monadelphum
Beschreibung:nicht zu verwechseln mit der June Fragrance
Peach Madonna
Abstammung:(candidum x monadelphum) x Asiat.Hybride
Abstammung:'June Fragrance' x 'Burnished Rose'
Beschreibung:Pale yellow (8D) to pure white (hot weather and sunlight bleach fls to pure white); tips 8D to pure white, throat pure white, outside 8D to pure white; covered with many small deep magenta spots; nectaries green, edged white; pollen moderate red (179A). Petals 55-65 x 25-30mm, margins ruffled, tips slightly recurved. Lvs almost whorled, 80-180 x 20-30mm, dark green. Stems 1.8-2.4m, glossy black, with 8-20 fls on semi-erect pedicels. Late May.
Abstammung:'June Fragrance' x 'Coquet'
Beschreibung:Light greenish yellow (3C-D) throughout, with many very tiny inconspicuous spots; nectaries light green; pollen greyish red (178A). Fls pendent, scented; petals 50-55 x 25-30mm, slightly ruffled, strongly recurved. Lvs almost whorled, 80-150 x 20-30mm, pale green, strongly ciliate.Stems 0.8-1.2m, light green, with 8-25 fls, from a large, yellow bulb. Late May.