The Erhard Family (Schmetterlingstango, 00-11-2)
Abstammung:Papillon (Feldmaier) × ProvincialBeschreibung:Inside of tepals brilliant yellow (10A); throat green. Outside of tepals moderate orange-yellow (165C) beside midribs, shading to brilliant yellow (10A) towards margins. Spots dark red (187C), in not-very-dense "Tango" style (of very variable size, from tiny circles to moderately large streaks, often coalescing), mainly in basal two thirds of each tepal though running higher, thinly, along margins; papillae absent; nectaries green, flushed silver; pollen moderate reddish brown (177A); stigma greyish red (184A). Fls 140mm wide, not scented; tepals 100 × 20-30mm, margins smooth, tips slightly recurved; secondary buds present. Lvs 120 × 22mm, scattered, moderate yellow-green (137C). Stems 1.25m, dark purple (79A), with up to 15 fls in long raceme. July.Züchter:Dr. Jörg M. Giffei