Spirit of America
Abstammung:L. pardalinum × L. michiganenseBeschreibung:Tepals mainly deep orange-red, with irregular orange patch in basal one-third of each tepal formed from coalesced haloes around spots; midribs tinged brownish green at base. Spots moderately numerous, dark red, varying from tiny to mid-sized circles; filaments whitish; pollen reddish brown; style shading purple (especially towards top); stigma purple. Fls not scented; tepals narrowly ovate, margins smooth, tips strongly recurved; pedicels quite long and stout, green. Lvs whorled. Rhizomatous, not bulbous, habit. Stems 1–1.5 m, green, with several fls in pyramidal infl. Early to mid-season.Züchter:Holger KühneBezug: ELG: 2018,2019,2020,2021; Kühne