Roter Spion
Abstammung:Lake Tulare x an American hybrid with flat flsBeschreibung:Inside strong to vivid red (46A-B), throat brilliant orange-yellow (23B); outside moderate yellow (163C) to moderate red (179B); dark red (59A) spots mostly on yellow areas inside and fine spotting on yellow outside; nectaries strong yellow-green (143B); pollen dark reddish orange (172B); stigma dark red (183A). Fls 100mm wide; petals 70 x 23mm, not ruffled, slightly recurved. Lvs whorled, 60 x 17mm, mid green. Stems 1.6m, green, with c9 fls. Late June. (First published in Europ„ische Liliengesellschaft bulb list, 1998. Standard: colour print provided by registrant (WSY 0022852).)Bezug:Salzborn: 1998; ELG: 2021;