Abstammung:(Marilyn × (Mimosa Star × Caramba)) × ((Caramba × Brighton) × (Astra × unknown))Beschreibung:Inside of tepals yellow, shading to brown at margins. Outside of tepals greenish. Spots (some raised) and papillae dark brown, numerous, of variable size, in lines over basal half of each tepal; nectaries green; filaments pale green; pollen brown; stigma green, triangular; style green. Fls 160mm wide; tepals 115 × 35mm (inner), margins slightly ruffled and slightly twisted, tips slightly recurved; pedicels 140mm, stout, pale green, with few, brown spots; secondary buds present. Lvs 140 × 14mm, pale green, slightly glossy, horizontal. Stems 1.7m, pale green with darker green spots, in a long infl. Late June.Züchter:Anton MegoBezug:Salzborn: 2015,2016; Wistuba: 2015,2017,2018,2019,2020;